descriptionSILC - Secure Internet Live Conferencing
ownersilc git user
last changeSun, 5 Oct 2008 14:45:59 +0000 (17:45 +0300)
2008-10-05 Pekka RiikonenMerge commit 'origin/silc.1.1.branch' master
2008-10-05 Pekka RiikonenRemoved HTTP server libary, it's available in SRT now
2008-09-24 Pekka RiikonenMerge branch 'topic/mm-fixes' of git:// silc.server.1.1.13
2008-09-24 Pekka RiikonenDisconnect problem: Mark incoming connections immediate...
2008-09-24 Pekka RiikonenFixed more backup router reconnecting problems
2008-09-24 Pekka RiikonenFixed server/backup router reconnecting
2008-09-13 Pekka RiikonenDocumented public_ip configuration option silc.server.1.1.12
2008-09-13 Pekka RiikonenFixed backup router shutdown crash
2008-09-13 Pekka RiikonenSKE: Verify initiator's public key always
2008-09-11 Pekka RiikonenMerge branch 'topic/code-cleanup' of git://208.110...
2008-09-11 Pekka RiikonenMerge branch 'topic/null-fixes' of git://208.110.73...
2008-09-11 Pekka RiikonenMerge branch 'topic/type-safety' of git://208.110.73...
2008-09-11 SkywingFix reference count bug leading to memory corruption...
2008-09-11 SkywingMake packet stream reference counts 32 bits.
2008-09-01 KpPacket streams: make packet handling callback pointers...
2008-09-01 KpReorder #if 0/#endif block to avoid splitting a basic...
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7 years ago silc.toolkit.1.1.11 Release silc.toolkit.1.1.11
7 years ago silc.client.1.1.19 Release silc.client.1.1.19
7 years ago silc.client.1.1.9 Release silc.client.1.1.9
11 years ago silc.toolkit.1.1.10 Release silc.toolkit.1.1.10
11 years ago silc.server.1.1.17 Release silc.server.1.1.17
11 years ago silc.client.1.1.8 Release silc.client.1.1.8
12 years ago silc.server.1.1.16 Release silc.server.1.1.16
12 years ago silc.client.1.1.7 Release silc.client.1.1.7
12 years ago silc.server.1.1.15 Release silc.server.1.1.15
12 years ago silc.toolkit.1.1.9 Release silc.toolkit.1.1.9
12 years ago silc.toolkit.1.1.8 Release silc.toolkit.1.1.8
12 years ago silc.client.1.1.6 Release silc.client.1.1.6
12 years ago silc.server.1.1.14 Release silc.server.1.1.14
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