descriptionAutodist - a source distribution management system
ownersilc git user
last changeThu, 8 Jan 2009 12:42:59 +0000 (14:42 +0200)
2009-01-08 Pekka RiikonenFixed distdef prefix handling and processing of non... master autodist.1.5
2008-03-14 Pekka RiikonenImproved Autodist documentation to produce better HTML... autodist.1.4
2008-01-26 Pekka RiikonenRemove old file processed from *.ad file before process...
2008-01-26 Pekka RiikonenFixed various typo errors in Autodist manual and info...
2008-01-26 Pekka RiikonenMade Autodist work without the autodist.conf file.
2008-01-26 Pekka RiikonenCreated Autodist git repository.
2008-01-16 Pekka Riikonen Removed the previous backslash removin code.
2008-01-16 Pekka Riikonen Fixed *.ad (not or but other...
2007-09-13 Pekka Riikonen Removed the fortran files from processing of as source...
2007-09-13 Pekka Riikonen Fixed prerequisite version checking to work on all...
2007-07-01 Pekka Riikonen Merged silc_1_1_branch to trunk.
2007-06-01 Pekka Riikonen More updates to RPM spec file.
2007-06-01 Pekka Riikonen Added prereq directive.
2007-06-01 Pekka Riikonen Updates to RPM spec file.
2007-06-01 Pekka Riikonen Added support for passing extra parameters for autodis... autodist.1.3.2
2007-05-31 Pekka Riikonen Added for RPM.
12 years ago autodist.1.5
13 years ago autodist.1.4
14 years ago autodist.1.3.2
14 years ago autodist.1.3.1
16 years ago autodist.1.3
16 years ago autodist.1.2.1
16 years ago autodist.1.2
16 years ago autodist.1.1
12 years ago master